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Title: C# fundamental ......
Post by: frettls on January 18, 2014, 12:34:23 am
Hey guys, I have a little question about the planet gongs whos tuning is in the C#2 136.1hz.
Earth 38, Sedna,  Pluto, Mercury, ...All C# 2  yet they all claim different frequency healing properties.
Has anyone truly experienced consistent results using there gongs for healing, not just meditation work.  What sort of results where observed, and on what sort of issues or illness' wer alleviated?
I'm just curious about what my next paiste should be, I have a Sun and it is like liquid plumber for the soul, or so some have said.

Title: Re: C# fundamental ......
Post by: Paul Ford on January 18, 2014, 09:46:50 am
G'day from Sunny West Australia Brian!  ;D

Yes the Gongs you mention are listed as the same tuning, but their overall sound is different. And depending on how you connect at the time, and any environmental influences will result in a different response. Myself i do not seek consistency in healing(if that is my service), or expect it to be honest. Yes you can expect consistency in the Gong's deliverance of it's sound quality, but when we take into consideration the uniqueness of every person we connect with, how we actually are as a person at the time and the other universal forces in operation i feel it would be unrealistic to strive to deliver consistent results, that's my feeling, others may feel differently.
There are many reported instances of alleviation of pains and ailments globally. But what may work for one, may not for another unfortunately.  Healing's can become too structured, for the requirement of achieving 'something'  and your intuitive connection suffers consequently.

Your next Paiste Gong will be of your choosing, there are many sound files of the Paiste Gongs available on the web. The choice is yours for the making my friend  :)

Kindest regards

Title: Re: C# fundamental ......
Post by: frettls on January 21, 2014, 12:12:19 am
Thank you Paul for your candor and unbiased opinion.  I keep hearing about something special with the 136.1hz, I'm thinking that I may just get a symphonic for #2.  I do agree that it is where we are at that time of service and how we prepare before the session.  Kind of like a surgeon going in without washing up first, It may not matter, but It might make all the differance in the world.


Title: Re: C# fundamental ......
Post by: Jamie Bechtold Ford on April 30, 2014, 12:44:32 am
That was an great answer Paul and I agree with everything you said. I will also add that you can't make the wrong decision! Each gong is special and brings a different energy in. Choose what you are drawn to the most and that is what will help your clients, who are always a reflection of us.

Title: Re: C# fundamental ......
Post by: Michael Bettine on May 01, 2014, 07:07:05 am
I personally feel it's more important to work with the Gongs/tunings that resonate with you. When buying a Gong, I always make sure it has a sound/frequency that I can work with.