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Title: Gong & Percussion Blogs
Post by: Michael Bettine on June 30, 2014, 01:06:03 am
For those of you who don't know me, concurrent with my career as a Percussionist & Gongolier, I have also been a writer. From 1983-2008 I was a contributing writer to Modern Drummer magazine. I wrote many feature interviews as well as technical articles (I originated the Style & Analysis column), CD & Product reviews, and other things. I've also written extensively for AVANT (UK), DownBeat, Rhythm, and other music magazines. I've also written various books on drums & percussion, most notably, Percussion Profiles, with English percussionist, Trevor Taylor.

While I don't write for magazines as often as I used to, I continue to write about all things percussive in my 2 blogs:

PERCUSSION DECONSTRUCTION covers all manner of percussion with essays, technical articles, lessons, reviews, etc.: (
THE WAY OF THE GONG is more esoteric and covers Gongs/Singing Bowls/Bells: (

I also have a YouTube channel with mostly Gong related content: (

Please check them out. ~ MB