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Title: Is it an Earth Gong?
Post by: Todd Glacy on May 29, 2015, 10:09:26 pm
Hi All,
I recently acquired this 26" Paiste Sound Creation gong...when I bought it I knew it was similar to the SC Earth gong, yet different in a couple ways... I'm a bit befuddled and could use some help to clarify what I have.  (http://)
3 grommeted holes, a small sticker that says "No.3" for earth gong series, but the coloration is that of a traditional symphonic, and there seems to be much more hammering than on a regular earth gong, most noteably towards the outside of the rim, and in the center where there are a number of heavy hammer marks from front-back. It also appears to be from the 70's(?) there is the black paste logo on the front, but no white logo on the back. It also came with an old style paiste wood handle and grey felt head mallet.
I was checking out Michael B's "Air/Sky" gong prototype photos in another post, which was a take-off on the traditional Earth gong, and thought this might be similar, but it seems that the additional hammering on his was from back-front and didn't have the heavy hammering in the center. Thanks for any insight!

As an added bonus, I have also attached an image of one of my prize gong possessions, an antique 34" chinese gong that to me very well represents the oriental ancestor to the modern day Earth Gong. Enjoy!
Title: Re: Is it an Earth Gong?
Post by: Paul Ford on June 02, 2015, 12:29:18 am
Yes i believe so, i owned one the same a while back. It was one of the seven Esoterics i owned at the time, as people might know them by. Grommeted and stickered as yours is.  Much more responsive than the usual SCG Earth it was. There are a number of similar styled proto's in existence which other people might be able to comment on.

Nice Chinese!, thanks for sharing :)
Title: Re: Is it an Earth Gong?
Post by: Todd Glacy on June 10, 2015, 07:59:15 am
Check out this video capture from a Tony Williams Lifetime concert in 1971. Looks to be the same size, same coloration (symphonic style), similar heavy hammering and shape, same black Paiste logo near bottom (can't see in this still but you can in the video). So I'm wondering was the SCEG#3 actually in production at this time? What year were they first released? Thanks again for any insight/info.
Title: Re: Is it an Earth Gong?
Post by: Phil McNamara on August 04, 2015, 12:46:52 pm
Yes, I think this is one of the early prototypes of the sound creation gongs. A number were developed and there were remarkable similarities between the ones that eventually became the set of ten introduced in 1978. Even then they were subjected to further modifications. My book 'Gongs and Tam-tams' gives some history about this but I'm hoping to write another book just on these Sound Creation Gongs and their genesis.  I have some background from certain individuals but really need to talk to people like Henrietta Cron, Michael Jullich and of course Robert Paise!

The picture from1971 is very interesting. I had heard that the genesis of the SCG's started in the late 60's but never thought that anything was being used by this early date - are you absolutely sure it was 1971?