Author Topic: Gong Meditation with Kosma Solarius  (Read 6855 times)

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Gong Meditation with Kosma Solarius
« on: August 28, 2013, 09:46:56 am »
Gongs are sounding  all over the planet theses days and the Gong Meditation in one of the probably most beautiful Yoga Centres in the world is an outstanding experience, The Gongmaster Koh Phangan is Kosma Solarius, a student of Jens Zygar, He handles a legendary gong set as some of his instruments are the first planetary tuned gongs ever made. Theire unique sounds coul be heard on many Star Sounds Orchestra events and the feel of their cosmic space sounds gives the weekly gong meditations in Orion Healing Center downton Shri Tanu on Koh Phangan a unique ambience.
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