Author Topic: Gong Festival in Greece  (Read 3490 times)


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Gong Festival in Greece
« on: October 30, 2013, 02:52:28 pm »
Dearest Friends of Gongs in Greece,
the gongs of love with the participation of Konstantinos Perreas, Jason Volakis, new students of GongLove ArtLab and the friendly surprise special participation of a great talented musician who is going to be announced soon, we all would like to invite you in this unique evening which is organized specially for Enallaxi Festival, on Saturday 23 November 21:00, after the successful last summer’s Festival.  With more than 7 planetary and symphonic gongs of the highest specifications and many other specially selected musical instruments, we are going to share the deep therapeutic gong experience, we’ll journey together with the Contemporary Music of the Spheres – The Sacred Sound of Eleusis and we’ll raise our vibrations to the “other dimensions” of GongLove. www.enallaxi.com