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Pangea world music center welcomes GongLove ArtLab (www.gonglove.org)and we co-create together a new gong pulsar station in Athens. We would like to invite on Saturday 30 November 17:00 all friends of gongs, percussion and traditional musical instruments, of music and art, of sports, yoga, meditation and alternative medicine, in a very special afternoon journey in the other dimensions of gong, in a deep rebirth experience through sound and pulses, beyond any limit, to raise our vibration high for all weekend. With big planetary and symphonic gongs and other specially selected musical instruments, we’ll share the sacred sound of Eleusis, the contemporary music of the spheres -  the sacred sound of gongs. Feel free to ask any more information or about reservations by sending an e-mail to gong@gonglove.org. Full info in Greek: http://www.gonglove.org/?p=2096

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