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The First Full Educational - Training Program in the art of gong in Greece starts on weekend 16-17 November 2013. By GongLove ArtLab. Instructors are Jason Volakis - physicist - music therapist - gong researcher and writer, with background training as a Gong Yoga Master Teacher and four years experience in promoting gong in Greece with numerous events and Konstantinos Perreas - Kundalini Yoga / Gatka and Martial arts instructor, sound therapist with a background of gong education with four gong teachers all over the world. Only 12 specially selected students - candidates are accepted to participate and we are building now the GongLove Training Dream Team 2014. This educational program will last for seven months till summer 2014. More info in Greek can be found here: http://www.gonglove.org/?p=1963. Feel free to ask more info by sending e-mail to gong@gonglove.org