Author Topic: The first Greek team of new gong artists began its training last weekend  (Read 7068 times)

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A GongLove dream comes true. The first Greek team of new gong artists, the GongLove Training Dream Team 2014, began its training last weekend, 16-17 November 2013, in Athens. We would like to thank from our hearts all and each one who participated in this first GongLove educational weekend for their high sense of commitment, their love and and their respect for our beloved gongs. We would also like also to thank all our friends of gongs who participated with joy and enthusiasm in the celebrational gong echocatharses held both these days, and also the athletic club "Alexander the Great" in Aigaleo city  and Ī angea world music center for their excellent hospitality.

Our next GongLove educational - training meeting is on weekend 14-15 December, even higher in the pulses of GongLove.

Jason Volakis and Konstantinos Perreas, GongLove ArtLab

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